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The European Society of Regional Anesthesia & Pain Therapy


35th Annual ESRA Congress 2016

Masastricht, The Netherlands 
7-10. september 2016.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the board of directors of ESRA and members of the Organising Committee 
we invite you to join us in Maastricht for the 35th Annual ESRA Congress - State of 
the Art Safety Standards in Regional Anaesthesia.

Since its foundation in 1980, ESRA has sought to associate and affiliate into one 
organization all anaesthesiologists, physicians and scientists who are engaged in, or 
interested in, the techniques of regional anaesthesia for surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics 
and pain control.

As in previous years, the focus of the scientific programme will be on state of the art 
presentations in our field as well as new insights into basic science, clinical research and 
therapeutic interventions. We are creating a scientific programme in which the interaction 
between speakers and audience is to be continuous and the basic aim for the scientific 
programme. The scientific standard at the annual ESRA congress is now recognised as 
one of the best in Europe and as a result carries a high rating with the Accreditation 
Council for Continuing Medical Education, who assign credit hours to all ESRA congresses.

The Scientific Committee is developing a programme with topics covering all the fields of 
interest in the application of regional anaesthesia/analgesia alone or in multimodal 
approach. Acute and chronic pain management topics of special interest for 
anaesthesiologists will also be included as an important part of the programme.

The type of sessions will be refresher course lectures, symposia, pro/con debates, panel 
discussions, luncheon sessions, special workshops including cadaver workshops, and of 
course free paper and poster presentations. Residents are invited to submit their papers 
for inclusion in the ESRA Resident  Best Free Paper and the ESRA Best Abstract 
Award competitions.

For those participants who successfully completed the first part (written exam) of the 
ESRA Diploma in Ljubljana, 2015, the second part (practical) will take place during the 
Maastricht Congress along with the written exam for those who wish to register for the 
Certified ESRA Diploma on Regional Anaesthesia.

We very much expect you to enjoy this exciting anaesthesia congress set in Maastricht!

Barry Nicholls Velde                        José De Andrés                         Marc Van de
General Secretary                     President of ESRA                Scientific Chairman

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Udruženje Anesteziologa i Reanimatologa Republike Srpske, Klinika za Anesteziju i 
reanimaciju Univerzitetskog Kliničkog centra Republike Srpske Banjaluka, u saradnji sa 
neprofitnom humanitarnom organizacijom Kybele, koja je posvećena povećanoj 
sigurnosti poroda, organizuje

Radionicu iz Anestezije u obstetriciji 
19-22. septembra 2016. godine

Ginekološko-Akušerska klinika UKC Banjaluka

Radionicu će voditi:

1. Prof dr Curtis Baysinger, Division of Obstetric Anesthesiology, Department of 
    Anesthesiology , Vanderbilt University School of  Medicine, Nashville, Tenessie

2. Mary DiMiceli, MD, Assistant  Professor of Anesthesiology, Division of Obstetric 
    Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tenessie

Program radionice:

19.09.2016.  08-13 sati   Work-shop u operacionoj sali GAK
                     13-14 sati   Prof dr Baysinger: Prednosti regionalne anestezije u obstetriciji

20.09.2016.  08-16 sati   Work-shop u operacionoj sali

21.09.2016.  08-16 sati   Work-shop u operacionoj Sali

22.09.2016.  08-16 sati   Work-shop u operacionoj sali

Nadamo se da će radionice ovog tipa postati tradicija i da će regionalna anestezija u 
obstetriciji zaživjeti i na našim prostorima.

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